4 Best Places for Organizing A Cultural Trip

The travel cultural are the best way to discover a country thoroughly. Cultural wealth encompasses art, history, popular traditions and the lifestyle of the local population, among other things. The cultural tours are not only to visit museums or famous monuments, immerse yourself in the culture of a country goes beyond the classical tourism, is trying to delve into the country responsibly and learn about its people and their customs.

How to organize a cultural trip?

If you have decided to take a cultural trip, it is because you are a curious person with concerns, and that you would like to learn about other places in the world. You may want to visit the artistic part, the historical and archaeological part, or perhaps live with the local population and learn about their lifestyle. There are many cultural routes to choose from.

Select the destination best suited to your interests

Choose travel dates: how much time do you have to travel? Is there a special event in the country that you want to visit and only on certain dates? What is the best time to visit the destination?

Plan with the local agents the best itinerary and activities according to your trip: a cultural trip in family, a cultural and nature trip …

Where to make a cultural trip?

The best cultural travel destinations

India: A cultural trip to India is a very complete trip since, in addition to visiting monuments such as the imposing Taj Mahal or Hawa Mahal, you could feel the lifestyle of the inhabitants very closely. Their different spiritual beliefs, the ‘chaos’ of the big cities, or the importance of different types of foods.

United States: A trip to the beginning of pop culture in the 20th century, in New York City, and to Washington, the political capital of the United States. If you are a fan of cinema and literature, you cannot miss a road trip on Route 66 and a stop in Los Angeles and its walk of fame.

Morocco: You can visit the imperial cities, a mixture of French colonial aesthetics and Arabic architecture, and live the fusion of tradition and modern life. If you are more interested in the natural landscapes and hidden villages, you must travel to the desert and live with Berbers in the middle of the Sahara.

Bhutan: It is considered one of the ‘happiest countries in the world’, it is located in the Himalayas, surrounded by fortresses and monasteries. In addition to the fantastic routes through the mountains, you can learn from the Buddhist monk’s different knowledge on things such as traditional medicine.

Archaeological travel destinations

Mexico: Enter an adventure towards the Mayan civilization, one of the most advanced in the ancient world. You will visit the Mayan Riviera, with ruins at the edge of the sea and perfectly geometric pyramids, but also large ancient cities and old commercial enclaves in the middle of the jungle.

Sri Lanka: The archaeological sites of the country go back to prehistory, being able to find Buddhists caves of III century in the famous city of Sigiriya, where you can also find Lion Rock. You can also explore ancient cities having many caves full of Buddhist statues.