5 Most Common Mistakes We Make With Damaged Auto Glass

The windscreen of a car is the most critical component of safety and visibility. It has to be in perfect condition to maintain the strength and visibility in a car. Auto glass offers clear visibility to the driver and passengers and also provides structural support to the roof of a vehicle.

The auto glass of a car can damage due to any unwanted reason like hit by a bowl, stone or branches of trees. Fixing a broken windscreen can be a hassle for the car owners due to which they avoid the repair. Many people try to repair it themselves and end up making it worse.

Let us check the most common mistake that people make with the damaged auto glass.

Avoiding the damage

The easiest way to prevent the auto glass damage is by pretending that the damage is not there. People usually do this when the crack is not noticeable while everyday driving. However, it is the worst idea and lead to further spreading of the damage over the glass. When the damage spreads more, the costs of repair also increases for a large chip or crack.

The most critical part of the auto glass in a vehicle is the windshield, and even a little damage in it can hamper the visibility. Some people continue to drive their cars with a crack in the windscreen. Avoiding a tiny chip or crack can lead to more damage and decrease in the visibility for the driver and passengers.

Repairing the auto glass yourself

Some people try to fix the cracked windscreen on their own to save the costs of repair. They watch the repair process on video channels like YouTube and try to follow the steps as shown in the video. The do it yourself (DIY) kits are inexpensive, so people think why not give it a try?

However, the DIY kits fix the damage temporarily, and they are not a permanent solution. Moreover, car owners are not experts in using the DIY kits, so they may not be able to fix the damage properly. Also, the technicians in the videos are trained professionals with years of experience in auto glass repair.

Even if you use the DIY kit correctly, there is no guarantee that the repair will last longer. On the other hand, if you committ a mistake in the repair process, you may make the damage more severe and need to replace the auto glass.

Getting it repaired when it needs replacement

If the damage is small like a tiny chip or crack, you can get your windscreen fixed from a professional. However, if the damage is significant or in the front of the driving seat, the auto glass needs replacement. The replacement is costlier than the repair.  That is why some people get their windscreen repaired even in case of significant damage.

The large cracks are prone to damage again even if repaired correctly by a professional. Therefore, replacement is the best option in case of large chips or cracks. As long as your auto glass is covered by insurance you don’t need to worry about the cost of replacement. You can claim a partial amount from the insurance company. Even if you get the partial amount of replacement cost, you will get your windshield replaced at the cost of repair.

Covering the damage with tapes

Some people try to cover the cracks with transparent tapes till the time they get their car for repair. Due to their busy schedules, they don’t find time to get their auto glass repaired and continue to drive their car with a cracked windscreen.

Using tapes is quite dangerous if the damage is in the window glass of the car as it may shatter any time while driving. A damaged windscreen may not shatter, but it may hamper the visibility significantly and make the driving highly risky. So it is best to get your auto glass repaired as soon as your detect a tiny chip or crack in it without attempting the DIY options.

Not checking the insurance policy

Checking your insurance policy is essential to claim the cost of repair or replacement. Any repair done by the car owners themselves or by a non-professional person is not covered by the insurance. Moreover, all the insurance plans do not cover the auto glass damage.

To claim the cost of repair or replacement, you must check whether your car insurance covers the same or not. A bumper to bumper insurance plan is the best that covers most of the car parts including the auto glass.

Final Note

These are the common mistakes that people make with the damaged auto glass. It is best to get your windscreen repaired by a professional as soon as you see a tiny chip in it. However, if the damage is severe, you must get the windscreen replaced as soon as possible for the safety of your family.