6 Birthday Celebration Ideas to Bring Smile at Workplace

Birthdays are too boring in the offices. In offices birthdays are always celebrated with Happy Birthday wish on the notice and you are greeted with a small cake and an office mug. But we are doing it wrong from all these years. Actually every co-worker’s birthday should be uniquely celebrated and there should be the presence of top managers in the celebration, because the employee will that recognised and will be motivated to work harder. This birthday celebration will build up office morale and team spirit too.

We are here with 6 Birthday Celebration Ideas that would bring smile on every employee’s face at the work place.

Go for an Alternative Cake

You can ditch that traditional small frosted sheet cake for so many different options. These sugar rich cakes can kill employee’s productivity. So you can go with healthier cake options like Vegetable Cake, Pie or vegan cakes, calorie free cakes and Fruit cakes. You can also give them any healthier indulgence like chocolate dipped almonds, ginger bread cookies, organic cookies, energy bars and sweet chews. These various cakes will look different and amazing. And the employee would be glad because the colleagues have gone an extra mile for the cake.

Surprise Desk Decoration

This could really be fun and interesting. You can take help of some co-workers get balloons, confetti, streamers from the market or online and decorate your colleague’s desk. You can ask few of the colleagues to come early or stay up late for decorating and we are sure anyone would lend you a hand. You can write some birthday messages on the desk of your colleague. You can also place few gifts and cake on his desk before he arrives. Surprises are all about timings so if you get it right your co-worker would be the happiest on this surprise. If that employee is on leave you can make a birthday gift delivery or a cake delivery and delight him with this surprise.

Get Leaders involved

Getting recognition from the top level leaders is indeed something the employees wish on their birthday. So you can get the leaders involved in the birthday celebration of employees. The employees will be recognised and they will feel proud and will feel they are also the important part of the organisation. This will further motivate them to do better in the office. They will start working considering this organisation as their own. You can also ask the manager and top officials to give the birthday boy/girl a handwritten note with encouraging birthday message. This note will add to a personal touch and the employee will feel so privileged.

Envelope Surprise

You can give this surprise in the office’s cafeteria or on his own desk if there is a wall around.  If the employee is in his twenties you can paste envelope equal to his age on the wall and every other co-worker can write a personal birthday message and keep inside the envelope. You an also the number the envelopes to see they are exactly of his birth years.If the employee is over his thirties you can take some envelopes and with its help make the shape of age number of the birthday girl/boy with these envelops. And stuff the envelopes with personalized birthday wishes and messages from co-workers and leaders. The envelopes can also birthday messages from their friends and family members.

Make it Personalized

You can go an extra mile and try something creative and personalized. You can make a video of his fun moments caught at the office or take help of his family members and get some funny home videos. In the clip you can also include moments from your business trips. You can also keep a check on his daily activities in office and treat him with office quirks unique cakes. If he loses his pen quite often or is bad at remembering things, you can gift him things like a pen, sticky notes and some other things useful in offices. These all is worth it and will make him feel special on his birthday. You can make a cake delivery if the employee is on a business trip and surprise him.

Birthday Card from CEO

The birthday colleague will be most delighted if a top level manager wishes him Happy Birthday. You can ask your manager to walk in and wish him in front of so many other colleagues. He will feel too special because he is wished by the co-workers in front of so many other employees. You can also ask the manager to make a sweet gesture by giving a birthday card to the employee. This gesture of the CEO will motivate him to do better in the job. Company can make a custom of giving a chocolate bar and a letter or a card for the birthday of any employee.

This birthday celebration ideas will bring a smile on everyone’s face as well as birthday employee’s face. It will even brighten up his day and make it his memorable birthday.