Houseplant Survive Guides for the Winter Season!

Winter is one of the most withering seasons in nature. Winter is a season of cold and it takes away all the moisture from the air. In winter, the natural flora world gets tattered and fragile. So, your houseplants and home garden needs more care to survive this season. The very first thing to keep in mind is to keep your plant hydrated.

Here is a guide of house-planting in winter season with some useful tips.

  • Winter Flower ideas for Your Garden and House

There are certain plants that grow in winter season. The atmosphere of these plants to grow is sustainable in winter season. Winter flowers are very rare but they are very beautiful as well. Colorful carnations are very famous as winter flowers. These flowers do not need much moisture and water as they preserve moisture in them. They need mild sunlight which is perfect in winter. And also they can grow well in lower temperature. Lilies are other iconic flowers for the season of winter in your home garden. Besides, there are poppies and gerbera daisies. Two similar flowers are rose and rose-like ranunculus. The ranunculus can be very beautiful pot floating flowers to keep in a bowl full of water.

Winter Flower ideas for Your Garden and House

  • Repotting Your Indoor Plants

Pots are small space where the free growth of the plants curbs. This winter season, it is the best time to repot the plants of your garden in some bigger and spacious container. All you need is to fill the pot with fresh dry soil. At the bottom of the plant, keep one inch of new soil at the bottom of the container. Then put the plant in such a way into the new pot that the roots don’t get pressed. This total arrangement will help the plant grow once spring hits the natural canvas. There is more space for it to grow this time. If it is not you, then you can buy new plants from flower delivery online.

  • Humidity: The Key for Houseplants

Humidity and the amount of moisture is one of the key essential facts of all the plants. You can go an extra mile to keep your room warm this winter. But no matter what, winter is a season of dull and dry atmosphere with toiling moisture. If your house has heat vents, then your room will lose enough humidity. In that case, you need to water some of your plants in your home garden. Keep the plants away from the heat vents as they suck the moisture out of anything that is near it. You can keep bottle full of water to keep the plant spraying in every couple of days. Another solution is to keep the plants inside bathroom. Bathroom is more moisture than any other room in your house. But there are some flowers like spathiphyllum which grow better in little humidity.

  • Don’t Water Your Plants as Much

Winter is a dry season. It loses moisture in air in this season. So, your garden and home-plants need water to keep healthy in this season. But, most of the time, people water plants more and more to keep it healthy and moist. But that is not correct all the time. A weekly or bi-weekly plan of watering is standard for any plant that grows in your garden. All you need is to water your plant in a more frequent manner in winter than summer. There is an experiment that can make you sure that your plant and soil needs water. Put your finger inside the pot soil about one inch deep. If you find the soil is dry, then it needs an immediate water sprinkle. IF your plant pot feels lighter when you uplift it, it is time for it to water.

  • Keep Plants off Windowsills

Winter season is dry in nature; the air is very dry in this season. SO, it always tries to suck moisture out of anything it gets. It is a wise decision to keep the indoor plants of your house garden away from the windowsills. The best place to keep them is inside bathroom. You can send someone congratulations with flowers online in this season. Do mention them to keep the flower away from the window to keep it fresh longer.

Plants need very little care to flourish. The above tips will help your home garden plants glow shiny even in the driest season of the nature.