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How can some pages can break or make your website?

Just like any other activity, some skills and capabilities are necessary in order to build a website. Different plans are to be made for different kinds of websites and every plan is to be executed in a specified manner.

Ever wondered what is that one thing that can be held responsible for making or breaking your website?

No, right?

If I say the pages of your website and the content included in it and its design is directly responsible for making or breaking your website. Many of you would not believe.

Let me explain

The success and the failure of your website depends upon its pages, content available on it, its design, number of visitors attracted towards it, etc.

In such a situation you need to hire some SEO experts in India who can look after all the things on your site. In other words, who can assist you in making your website and not breaking it.

According to some best digital marketing experts in India, there are some factors which have an impact on the success rate of your website.

Following is a brief description of some of these factors:

  1. Content

In order to attract more visitors to your website, content is considered as an imperative factor. People nowadays surf on the internet and type the specific keyword on Google in search of some information. By doing so, they are expected to directly land on that page where they can get the required information that they are looking for. One thing you have to do is to make your content relevant to that keyword so that visitors can get all the possible information. The words you use does not constitute your content. It also includes images, infographics, font style, font type, graphics, videos, etc. You have to ensure that all these things are precise and is high quality.

  1. Pages

On every website, the availability of some pages is very crucial like about us page and contact us page. With the help of about us page, the visitors come to know about you and your website like when was the website founded, what are its objectives, the services it provides and its success stories. On the other hand, contact us page helps the users to get information related to your phone number, address and email id so that they can trust you more and become more confident about your presence.

  1. Space

Space is another imperative design factor of a page but sadly it is also the most neglected one. Space helps in outlining the flow and readability of the content available on your page. It is crucial to consider the space between lines in a paragraph, space between different pieces of content, space between words and space between lines of a piece or text. To enable the distinction between different pieces of text, there should be enough white space on the page.

  1. Search tool

This tool is one of the most important tools as it helps the visitors to search any piece of information that they are looking for on your website. On the top of your page, there must be a search box which can easily assist the users to reach the require point on your website.

  1. Navigation

The amount of navigation available on your page should be minimum and should be easily accessible. The number of navigation items present on your website should not be more than 10 and the depth should be limited to 3 branches only. It helps the visitors to stay on your website for a longer period of time.

If all the above factors are clubbed together, it can help you to form a great page. You have to ensure that you hire digital marketers who can take the whole responsibility of designing your page and other services related to web development and web designing.

I am an SEO expert and an enthusiast of technology. I keep a tab on the market trends and perceptions related to Digital Marketing. I aspire to keep myself updated and present unique solutions keeping in view the current and the emergent marketing technologies.

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