How Personalised Marketing is Transforming Digital Marketing

Have you ever sat down with your phone or computer to do some online shopping and marvelled at Amazon or Flipkart’s ability to show you just the things you wanted to buy without you even having to type in commands! And even suggesting things that you did not even realise that you were looking for! For example, the new JBL headset that Amazon just suggested for you would go wonderfully well with the running shoes you bought last month! Or you had forgotten that your baby’s diaper stock is running out and you are in dire need of that Huggies pack of three discount offer! Phew! Smart Amazon.

Welcome to personalised marketing

Personalised marketing is a new but highly popular digital marketing trend that takes targeted marketing to a whole new level. Personalised marketing, as the name suggests, makes messages customised for individual customers based on their preferences and purchasing patterns. Unlike targeted marketing of old, these messages do not target a group of consumers with similar buying preferences but every single consumer is

Personalised marketing is not a manual task; it uses artificial intelligence to create personalised messages for individuals based on their preferences. This model of marketing shifts the focus from the company to the customer. The company’s products are now modelled around the consumer’s requirements instead of the old method of displaying as many products of a company as you can.

And personalised marketing is not just about customised advertisements; personalised marketing can also be used to customise specifications of products. What this means is that businesses can use personalised marketing can allow customers to select the specifications they need in the final product, this will give the  customer exactly what she needs and improve the overall user experience by a huge margin. It is best to trust the task of personalised marketing to a competent digital marketing company because a competent digital marketing consultancy for businesses will use all best practises like email marketing, interacting through websites, phone based promotions etc to advertise your brand. Giving configuration power to consumers goes a long way in converting potential leads into sales.

Seeing how profitable personalised marketing can be, more and more companies are taking to it in a big way. AI has a huge role in transforming the way products and services are marketed nowadays. AI powered software has the ability to monitor the geographical location of customers logging into the website. They can store a large amount of data regarding the customer’s purchases and track the customer’s other shopping preferences by storing cookies in to their devices when they visit the website. This information is then used to present a personalised version of the website featuring products, services and offers that are most likely interest them in their preferred language, to the customer the next time they log and they go “the diapers! Phew! Smart Amazon”.

Personalised marketing as a digital marketing strategy has had an impact on other digital advertising strategies as well. Email marketing, social media marketing, business to business contacts are all being personalised now. Sending generic messages to a large group of potential customers is now a thing of the past. If you are in doubt regarding how to go about personalised marketing, we recommend you to hire an established digital marketing consultancy for businesses.

Though newly in vogue, personalised marketing is not an entirely new phenomenon. Indeed it has been the way of business for small businesses for long who know their customers by names. Big brands too have been using personalised marketing for long. For example, Dell computers has had the configuration feature for its computers for quite some time, where customers are encouraged to add the specifications they want to their computers. Shoemaker’s Adidas and Nike have been pioneers of personalised marketing in their own way by letting customers incorporate design specifications, shape and colour to their purchases. Loyalty coupons are another form of personalised marketing that brands use to send discount coupons on products to customers based on their past purchase patterns.

Personalised marketing does not target a group of people but individuals, therefore, on paper, it should be the most successful form of marketing out there. But the catch is that this type of marketing is dependant on the information available about the individual being targeted. So it works best for people who are comfortable with sharing their personal information.

What works is that in this age of social media, people are much more comfortable in sharing their personal details than they were ever before. Therefore, one can say that personalised marketing is actually but a symptom of the times, a product of the trend.