Reasons your Guest Post Pitches Are FailingSince penguin and Panda have been commenced, there have been a transformation of SEOs from the strategies related to link building that may include anything like submission of articles in large quantities, social bookmarking, buying links and other glared upon policies and plans. This have in recent times, flown on the trend of guest posting.

If appropriately implemented, guest posting can prove to be very beneficial for publicizing the business or the product. It can also assist you in attracting loyal visitors to your website as well as can enhance your domain authority and visibility.

‘I’ve initiated to get guest posts but why no one is reaching out to me?’

Are you wondering the same?

As compare to the previous years, the inflow of numerous people who are trying to get their posts live have not been able to do so because of lots of hindrances that number of sites have imposed.

If you are one of the people who is pugnacious to get comebacks, then read on the upcoming statements to discover if any of them are true.

  1. Universal acknowledgement

One bad thing is not using my name but on the contrary the worst part is if you are approaching me by saying ‘Sir’, or ‘Admin’. These are some of the basic titles that precisely miscarries who exactly I am. If you are not able to take out some time to personalize your pitch in order to display that you have rummage around the website of the blogger, there are huge probabilities that you will get ignorance.

  1. Inapt Content

One of the biggest mistakes that the people make at the time of pitching for a guest post is going outside the dominion. If a particular website is about social media and marketing but you are submitting guest post pitches related to any other niches, then it’s totally crazy. Going out of the niche of a website clearly doesn’t make your content a good fit. It is obvious that you have made no attempts to make your content appropriate and relevant. It is imperative to pitch in such a way that it tailors to the audience of the blogger.

  1. Imitative Content

You should always write new, fresh and unique content. Every blogger wants a new topic for his or her blog that have not been published earlier on any other site. Only then it can prove to be beneficial for the audience. One thing you can do to discover if the proposed topic has already been covered or not is to go through the archives. If they have already covered the idea, then make sure that you offer something different and unique. In short we can say that, the content that you have pitched for should not be plagiarized from any other source.

  1. Grammatical errors

If your guest post pitch is full of grammatical errors and typos, then the only potion left with the blogger is- DELETE. It gives no further anticipation for the superiority of your pitch.

  1. Exaggeratedly Persuasive Content

It is absolutely ok to attract new visitors and getting acquaint with them through your guest post but using it merely as a hoarding for your business, product or services then it will not be considered and will be ignored straightly. Do not attempt to make your product a solitary principal point instead, find other ways to showcase your talent and the product.

  1. Not Being Able to Follow the Guidelines

Every blogger has some posting guidelines for a reason. It assists you to understand what are you expected to do while submitting your post. What are guest post guideline exactly for? It helps in maximizing the chances of your post getting published. Despondently, many of the people do not adhere to it. Every person who adhere to the guest post guidelines always get an upright shot of getting published.

To initiate with the efforts made by you for guest posting, it is crucial to avoid these common gaffes.

Happy guest posting!

Sofia Singla