TOP 4 ATTRACTIONS FOR A CHARMING AUTUMN BREAK IN COPENHAGENEmbrace the multi-coloured beauty of Autumn

Everywhere around you the leaves are turning and the air becomes crisp and cool. Any time of the year is perfect to visit Copenhagen, but the city seems to be specifically made for autumn. The Scandinavian architecture is painted in rusty red and orange, perfectly matching the falling leaves and the vibrant colours.

Pull on a sweater and enjoy the quaint magic of the season. During autumn, Copenhagen offers lots of activities – both indoor and outdoor. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s something for everyone! The Radisson Collection Hotel, Royal Copenhagen is the perfect place to start exploring as well as an incredible architectural landmark designed by renowned architect Arne Jacobsen. Book now, save up to 35% and stay in a building which dominates the city skyline.

Now, let’s get down to business: get inspired with our list of the top things to do in Copenhagen during autumn! It’s a wonderful experience you will never ever forget.

1 “Trick or treat” in Tivoli Gardens

The period from October 15th to October 23rd is known as the “autumn break”: in other words, a week off from school. The Culture Night kicks off the autumn break offering kids and adults a slew of cultural events. In the week after, the Danish city starts to dress up for Halloween with pumpkins, spiders, scarecrows, and other sinister features.

And Tivoli Gardens is no exception. Whether you’re on your own or on a family day out, Tivoli Gardens will leave you speechless with the beauty of its warm colours. The place will be adorned with pumpkins and everyone will enjoy special Halloween activities. All you have to do is explore and soak in the enchanting atmosphere: who knows, you might end up sitting next to a zombie, a ghost or another weird monster.

2 Hygge: coziness and comfort in Copenhagen’s cafés

Countless people have tried (without success) to explain what “hygge” means. It’s one of the most famous Danish words and yet it’s impossible to fully explain. Hygge means cosiness, warmth, comfort and ease altogether. It means a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day or a warm and soft duvet when it’s snowing outside. And autumn sounds just like the perfect time to start “hygging”: the days get shorter and all you want to do is cosy up on the sofa with your favourite tv series on.

3 Vestre Cemetery

With its surface of almost 54 hectares, Vestre Kirkegård is the largest cemeteries in Denmark: there you can find a large variety of burial types, including graves of victims of the Second World War, politicians, poets and famous people who have made a special contribution to Danish society. Beautifully landscaped, it’s a perfect place to take a walk: locals usually go there to relax and chill out. At Vestre Kirkegård it’s always possible to find a quiet spot or visit one of the amazing chapels. In autumn there are a few things which can stand up to the magical atmosphere of this amazing place.

4 Modern Art

If you’re into modern and contemporary art, here’s two museums that will just do for you: The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which is also a milestone in modern Danish architecture, and the ARKEN Museum of Modern Art, located 20 kilometres south of Copenhagen. But don’t forget to visit the Danish National Gallery: it’s Denmark’s largest art museum and it features outstanding permanent and temporary exhibitions, royal collections, guided tours, performances and concerts.