Why Google shut down Google+ after 7 yearsAfter gaining so much of fanfare, Google has shut down its social network after 7 years of its launching, popularly known as ‘Google+’.

This decision by Google is followed by the disclosure of an earlier security error that lead to the exposure of data of numerous users that was remedied in March 2018.

Google announced the closure of Google+ after it came to know about the existence of a bug that was present for about more than 2 years. Google+ was vanishing already.

To be honest, this is not the first and the foremost time when Google is abandoning its social network. If we talk about Google Buzz, it was put into motion in the year 2010 and got vanished in the year 2011.

On the other hand, Google Friend Connect was floated in the year 2008 and faded in 2012.

One more example that comes into my mind is Orkut was launched in the year 2004 and then it got faded in 2014.

Coming back to the point, co- founder of Google, ‘Sergey Brin’ formerly disclosed that he was not the veracious person who can be in charge of a social network.

He once said in his speech in 2014, “It was probably a mistake for me to be working on anything tangentially related to social to begin with.” He baptized himself a ‘kind of weirdo’ and ‘not a very social person’.

What exactly made Google off beam?

Let’s take a look into the brief description of the primary ins and outs which faded Google+

  1. Facebook

No precise and exact plan was used while launching Google+. On the other hand, one of the most popular social network ‘Facebook’ was revolving around for about 7 years. It was getting fame promptly. Bestowing to employee accounts, Vic Gandora, who was well known as the father of Google+, once alarmed the CEO, Larry Page while the launch of Google+ by outlining that Facebook will eradicate Google. Once Google+ was launched, it was no other way different from Facebook because of which it failed to attract the users.

  1. Perplexing Circles

For many people, sharing their posts on Google+ was puzzling. An innovation named ‘the circles’ in Google+ was very complicated. The users of Google+ were supposed to generate circles of people like family and friends so that they can share with them only those posts which are circle specific. But on the contrary, these circles were lop-sided where other people do not have to share back. Every user possesses his or her own circle and other people were not aware of the presence of others in the circle. This was in disparity to symmetric partaking on Facebook. Hence, in contrast to Facebook, circles were not precisely groups.

  1. Google+ was more company- centric

Instead of being user- friendly, Google+ was more company- centric. Google employees were of the viewpoint that; it was merely designed to sort out company’s own problems. It did not aim at making it easier for the users to contact each other. Google+ made sure that the company did not merely have to manage its profiles from other apps. It was claimed that Google+ helps the connected users to login other services and apps like YouTube but when the users really tried to connect it was found that it was not that simple.

  1. Lack of presence on the mobile phones

While users were getting an amazing browsing experience while operating Facebook and Twitter, Google+ failed to do so. Later on, it did develop its mobile version but it was not as good as to compete with other social networks. High resolution pictures helped it to look good on the desktop but the main obstacle was mobile browsing.

  1. Departure of Vic Gandotra

The man who was the reason behind the creation of Google+ left Google after some years of the launch. It created a sense of disturbance. There was no smooth and successful progression plan. One of the Google employees once said, it was like, “here one day and gone the next”.

By:- Sofia Singla