10 Tricks to Make your Students Fall in Love

10 Tricks to Make your Students Fall in Love

At present, there is an English term that has become very popular in different fields and disciplines, also in Education. It’s about the word engagement. A term, on the other hand, of not very easy definition but that comes to define a type of personal relationship based on loyalty, commitment and motivation. In my case I prefer a term that I think is much closer to all of us. This term is none other than falling in love .

What Tricks can we use to Make our Students Fall in Love?

Go ahead that the intention of this article is not to make our students finish up to our charms. Nothing is further from that. What I mean by the word love, is to connect with the students, who are glad to see us, who look forward to the class we are going to teach them, who are able to see in us a model, someone close. This is what I understand by falling in love with the students and these are some of the tricks that I think can work for you:

1. Enter smiling: I do not say anything new in affirming the importance of nonverbal language when communicating. Personally, the entrance to the classroom is a moment to which I attach a lot of importance, because in a way you can guess how the reading session will take place. In my case I always try to enter with a smile. And I enter with a smile because I know it is contagious, because there will always be a student who will return this smile at some point. With this student you will have been able to connect very likely until the end of the class. I do not understand the commitment of many teachers to enter with the serious countenance or projecting a certain anger. I am not sure that the serious countenance implies greater control of the classroom and greater discipline. In my case, at least, I prefer to teach from the smile.

2. Tell an anecdote: There is no better way to connect with a student than by telling an anecdote. A story that can be ours or someone else’s. Anecdotes, like stories, have an enormous power of seduction for students. We must be able to use these anecdotes in an intelligent way, dosing them throughout a class. They are an excellent way to get attention, to reduce disruptive behaviors, to dazzle your students. You can and should be taught telling stories, telling anecdotes. And so important is to count them as our students can also do it.

3. End the class with a video: This trick never fails. I have already referred in other articles to the importance of diversifying the different materials we have available. Those of us who have audio equipment and digital screens or projectors, internet connection, must take full advantage of these resources. Putting a video at the end of the session is a great way to tell your students that they have done a good job during the session, that you are satisfied and grateful for it, and that you want to reward this effort with a type of material that allows relaxation and relaxation It is a time to enjoy with them. I recommend that they be videos that do not exceed five minutes and that, as far as possible, are related to the curriculum of the Teaching Unit that you are teaching. Youtube , very popular among students.

4. Learn from your students: There is no better way to fall in love than to let your students see that they taught you something that day. This is a very simple trick, since you can take advantage of the subjects they had that same day. The traditional slate itself will give you a lot of clues. Become curious, and let them show you something they know, something that for them has a certain value and listen to them with attention, actively, nodding. Make them feel important, make them feel that they also have something to tell you.

5. Give or lend something that is yours: In a teacher’s briefcase there are some things that can never be missing. Paper tissues are one of those things. Students love that we give or lend them something. The action of picking up the briefcase and taking something out of it and giving it to the student is seen by many of them as something very valuable. I have talked about tissues, but it can also be school supplies. In this case, let them see that you lend it by indicating that it is important for you, that they should take responsibility for this borrowed material. At that time you will be creating a link between you and the student, and you can take the opportunity to talk to him when he returns it to you.

6. Say or do something unusual: No, I’m not asking you to do the clown in class. Not at all. What is involved is to carry out some actions that go out of the ordinary in a lesson. It can be a gesture, a movement, singing a song, reciting a poem, changing the tone of voice, walking on tiptoe towards a student who is half asleep…. These extravagances have a tremendously effective power, because they dislodge the student and at the same time you get a smile of complicity. Make surprise one of your best weapons to make your students fall in love.

7. Exchange the papers: Many of you know the power of attraction that the teacher’s chair has in the classroom. How many times we will have entered the classroom and we will have found that there is a student sitting in the teacher’s chair. Well, throughout the reading session it can be an excellent resource to make your students fall in love with exchanging papers. In my case I like to do it when we are reviewing some concepts of a Didactic Unit. What I do is sit in the student chair and the student in mine. The truth is that there is a situation that always hits students and I assure you that, well managed, it causes a moment of relaxation in the classroom.

8. Turn a student into a protagonist: There is nothing we like more than feeling special. Think about your anniversaries if not. I think there is no better way to connect with people than by making them see how important they are to you. Well, I recommend that you project this idea on your students, that you make them feel special, that you enhance their qualities and their virtues. If you do so, you will establish a link that will benefit you greatly, because the response that student will have will be gratitude. And gratitude is a very good companion to teach and to learn.

9. Create expectations: We have to be able to sell our product. And do it in the best possible way. In the world of marketing the best product is the one that sells the best, regardless of whether it is better or worse. So we must sell what we teach by creating expectations. Creating expectations are very useful at the beginning of a reading session. Once you enter the classroom, the first thing you should do is make your product known, what you will teach. And let them see that it will be something unique, special, different, wonderful, incredible. These expectations will be collected by your students and I assure you that the predisposition for their learning will be much higher.

10. He jokes: In other articles I have stated that you can and should learn by playing. Well, in this article I also want to think that you can and should learn by joking. Because when we joke we are teaching our students that we can laugh with people and not people. A joke told in time is a tremendously powerful weapon to establish an emotional bond with your students. It favors figurative language, lowers tension, creates distension, serves to establish transitions between the various actions in the classroom.

As you can see, these tricks or tips have a very easy realization within a classroom and are applicable to all ages. On many occasions we are not aware that the big classes are nourished by these small performances. We must reflect on what our role in the classroom is and what we do to focus attention, to teach our students, to seduce them with our words and our gestures, to ultimately make them fall in love. Let us strive then to win over our students, so that this crush causes them a better predisposition in their teaching-learning processes.


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