101 Guide to Survive Unemployment: What To Do and What to Avoid

101 Guide to Survive Unemployment: What To Do and What to Avoid

You lost your precious job which you liked very much but that doesn’t mean you need to sit at your home all alone stressing and worrying about your future. There is no denying the fact being unemployed is really a hard and rigorous phase of life and is something not easy to deal with it. However, instead of cursing your luck or fortune, you need to stay positive in such an unfavourable condition.

Apart from emotional stress, there will be financial disappointments as well. All of a sudden, managing daily expenses seems like a massive task. Well, you should know that you are not the only one who has gone through this phase. There are plenty of people who have seen the phase of unemployment but they turned the table around with their diligent and dedication and you can too do that if you know the right way. 

When you are unemployed, you will have to avoid many things that you did when money was in your pocket and same wise you will have to do things that you never did before. Thus, to help you in such hardship part of your life, we have a prepared a list of things that you need to do and things that you need to avoid while unemployment. So, let us see them one by one.

How to handle yourself during the time of unemployment

  1. Have a schedule

For a moment, you will feel a bit relaxed that you no longer have to wake up early in the morning and rush for the office. Well, now you can have a sound sleep until your “no job” tag starts haunting you. to make sure that you don’t get used to this lazy and relaxed life, try to prepare a schedule that can help you carry your days more effectively. You must have had heard the phrase “early to bed early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise” well, it’s time now you start following this phrase and start implementing in your life.  Prepare the list of your day to day tasks and keeping completing it as you will have plenty of time for that. Basically, having a schedule will make you more productive and focused and this can help in making you active.

  1. Work online

If it has been quite a long time since you lost your job and you are not able to get a new one, then it is better to start working online or go for any side hustle to keep your pocket filled. There are plenty of job websites that provide a job opportunity to make money online. You can do this until you land yourself into a permanent job. Well, don’t expect to get big money from these resources, just consider it as a support income to survive your unemployment. However, it’s better to move slowly rather than sitting alone in the darkroom and whining about your misfortunes.

  1. Seek financial assistance from an institution

It gets difficult to manage yourself financially when you don’t have a job and all the bills and rents on the desk make the situation worse. Borrowing from your family and friends is not the option that you are not willing to take or you don’t want to sour the relationship that you have with them because of the money. Well, why not borrow from any financial institution. Getting a loan from a bank can be time taking so instead you can go for direct lenders. There are reputed lenders in the UK like HONOR FINANCE, British lenders, Vivaloans and others who provide quick loans for unemployed. Getting money during such time will work as a bottle of war in the scorching heat of deserts.

  1. Don’t take much stress

Feeling stress, denial, grief, anger and insecure all these things are quite common when you don’t have a job. For a couple of days, you will be in self-pity mode and will be getting tensed but try not to take it to weeks. Taking stress for a longer period of time can have a serious impact on your health. Therefore, try to control yourself and be mentally strong to handle all these emotional pains and mental stress.  It is advised that you do regular exercise, go for a walk or do meditation as they a great option you can opt for stress management.

Well, this was pretty much everything! You should know that “there is a silver lining in every cloud” so try to analyse the situation and take better and effective decisions that can help you get rid of this bad time of yours. By following all the suggestions discussed, you will be able to handle yourself smartly and turn your unemployment a golden chance to transform yourself.


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