12 Digital Marketing Trends – 2019 You Must Know

12 Digital Marketing Trends – 2019 You Must Know

Technology has truly converted our world into a digital global village where connecting to people from across the world and different cultures has become effortless and easy. Sharing of information has become more accessible than ever before. This has made easier for Digital Marketing Company in India to generate awareness for their services and promote products online with ease. Since internet technology is considered to be the powerful tool today which is used to generate great ROI, digital marketing is something that no business owner can overlook.

To keep up with the competition it is important for you to know all latest digital marketing trends of 2019. That being said below is the shared list of 12 Digital Marketing Trends of 2019 that you must know to excel in digital marketing sphere.

Many companies are now using chatbots which is the efficient program to interact with the visitors and customers of the website. It communicates naturally with visitors and answers all their queries and questions in real time.

In 2019, a new technology is launched in digital marketing and it is the use of private messaging apps. Now companies are focusing on adopting the use of private messaging apps and groups instead of using emails. Major brands have already started capitalizing on messaging apps and soon customers will be able to pay for their purchases directly from such apps.

As the name suggest, AI or Artificial Intelligence refers to the machines or robots which work efficiently like humans. It uses a blend of diverse features like voice assistance and chatbots to quickly response and answers the customers and visitors.

Now you are no longer required to use the digital ads to promote your business. It not only annoys and frustrates your customers, but also keep on bombarding people due to which you may lose customers. You can now send tailored, hyper targeted ads which have the higher likeliness to attract customers and encourage them to respond by purchasing your products.

Very few businesses are using some form of customization and personalization. But personalization is the future of digital marketing as it enables you to have control to reach the targeted group of customers. With personalization marketing you can collect date from list surveys, segments and studies and this enables you to create relevant email campaigns.

Apart from pleasing the existing customers, business are also required to bring in new businesses and build bases of new customers. Businesses are working with influencers and focusing more on video content which help them to bring new customers as they learn the latest customer behaviours with such strategies and this helps them to act accordingly to expand their customer base.

According to marketing experts, businesses which are producing easy to digest and transparent information are likely to preserve 94% of their existing customers. Establishing core value of business, ensuring selling is not the core goal, being an open book to customers, responding to customers promptly and being able to take constructive criticism from customers are some of the key areas to improve transparency in business.

People spend about 177 minutes on their phone daily and hence companies get plenty of opportunities to interact with their customers even if it is just for a small moment. Digital marketers are required to capitalize on the micro-moments so as to reach the high intent consumers.

Presently, there are several marketing technology companies and average enterprise is using about 90 marketing cloud services. This is something which is overwhelming and hence to avoid this people are switching to one single marketing tool which can sync all other aspects of digital marketing.

IGTV is the Instagram’s incursion into long-term video streaming, but it only caters to mobile users currently because it offers vertical video playback. It is likely to surpass YouTube in coming years and hence you need to ensure that your brand is compatible with this format and ready to acclimatize with this new social media trend.

Despite all alternations in digital marketing industry over the years, content marketing is still the king and incredibly important. You need to know the latest content marketing trends to stay competitive. Voice search, video marketing and long-form content are the leading trends in content marketing.

Last but not the least trend in digital marketing is visual search. Visual search would enable the users to search by launching their phone’s camera and taking pictures. This is the new technique that continues to improve and evolve. So, ensure that your brand is preparing for such technology to adopt it in future.

So, these were some of the new digital marketing trends in 2019 which you must know, especially if you are operating online business. You may approach the Affiliate Marketing Company in Gurgaon for help in online affiliate marketing strategies.

Including all these trends in your existing digital marketing strategy might not be possible, but you must ensure to include most the strategies to excel and enjoy higher ROI with digital marketing.


Arun Kumar, the founder of The Digital Cyborg, an online platform which offers digital marketing facilities for brand building. He has extensive experience of three years in digital marketing. He is all set to make noises in the market with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the internet marketing world.

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