6 Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

6 Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

“Content marketing is the commitment, not a campaign”—Jon Buscall

Content is the core of digital and social marketing, and it is important to connect with the audience. As the technologies evolve, marketers become savvier at using them, robots are replacing jobs, and it has become more competitive for brands to grab the attention of the audience.

Content is something that connects your audience with the customers. It educates and inform them about your business and deepens relation with the audience. It needs a considerable amount of time and effort to get it right. Every piece of content you produce should be meant for the audience. It should be relevant for the customers so they can respond and interact with it. It must be able to generate conversions.

So if you are just starting with content marketing, described below are six common mistakes that you need to avoid to be successful.

  1. Getting the facts wrong

Customers look for credibility, and something that can lower the trust is your misquoting someone or displaying the wrong statistics. Once you lose your credibility, it is very difficult to get it back.

You need your content to be helpful. For example, today, many businesses are using Wikipedia as a marketing platform to build credibility. They approach Wikipedia writers for hire to create an authentic and credible page to be published at Wikipedia.

To simply put, the basic purpose of content marketing is to gain the trust of the audience and nurture them to become regular clients.

  1. Irrelevant content

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make in creating content is making it irrelevant for the audience. In order to appeal to your audience, you need to know who your audience is. There are several tools and softwares available, which can help you to strategise a plan based on the needs and requirements of the audience.

You need to make sure that you research your target and understand your audience before you move on to creating content for them. Choose a subject that can solve the problems for your audience.

  1. Not being consistent

Consistency makes a brand memorable. You need to stay consistent with your brand message to improve brand awareness and attract more customers to the business. You need to make sure that your design and content delivers a similar message to the audience through different mediums of marketing.

You need content that describes your personality. You need to create content that is unique and sharable. It adds trust in your brand, turning the potential clients to regular ones.

  1. Sticking to one type of content

There are millions of marketers who are trying to produce the same content as you. Sticking to one type of content can get harder to rank higher in the SERPs. A brilliant way to set yourself apart from others is through bringing diversity in your content.

There are many types of content that you can experiment with. For example, you can use video content to engage the audience while delivering your message in a fun and entertaining way. If not that, you can use infographics which are more shareable than other types of content.

  1. Not tracking the results

Think of it as a diet plan to get you in shape. You need to track the result of your diet in 30 days to make sure that it is working or not. Similarly, you need to track the result of your marketing strategy to make sure that they are able to engage the audience with the content. If you don’t understand how your content is working in the market, you won’t be able to improve it.

There are a number of analytical tools that you can use to track your marketing results. If it is not working, you may need to improve it. Try updating the content or making it more informative for the audience.

  1. Writing without including the CTAs

Call to action is something that guides the viewers about their next step. They are supposed to lead the users to make a decision. Not adding a call to action at the end of the content will not generate leads or conversions. You need interesting call to actions to entice the users to make a decision.


Content marketing is one of the greatest ways of generating leads and conversions for your business. It can help in building trust and online authority for the business. To be successful, you need to create original and thoughtful content.


Arun Kumar, the founder of The Digital Cyborg, an online platform which offers digital marketing facilities for brand building. He has extensive experience of three years in digital marketing. He is all set to make noises in the market with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the internet marketing world.

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