7 Powerful Plugins To Improve WordPress Website UX And UI

7 Powerful Plugins To Improve WordPress Website UX And UI

Making a website has become easier with the emergence of content management systems like WordPress. However, the vast number of interfaces in every category has meant that only the websites providing a fulfilling user experience will succeed. In this post, we are presenting a list of some plugins that can help improve WordPress website’s UX and UI. Most of the time, the terms user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are used interchangeably. Both terms are related but are not the same. UX in web design stresses on making an interface more usable so that the target audience can navigate through it and use it easily. UI, on the other hand, comprises of the physical elements on a website that facilitate user interaction. It is clear that both practices are closely linked. Here are a few powerful plugins that will help WordPress users transform the UX and UI of their interfaces.

Website content is an important tool for engaging audiences and promoting products. The WP Brain plugin is a condition builder that allows you to control the display of your content. This premium tool comes with unlimited filters and over 22 operators and nested condition groups. You can choose to show content only on some specific pages. The display can also be based on post or page types. You can also display material according to the device and browser type.

2. Layer Slider

It is essential to have a perfect blend of visual appeal and functionality in your interface to create a satisfying user experience. The LayerSlider plugin will help you build image galleries, sliders, as well as pop-ups with animation effects. It is an immensely powerful tool with over 200 slide transitions and parallax effects. In fact, it is such a robust solution that you can create a complete website with it. The LayerSlider is a dream tool that every WordPress plugin developer would wish that he/ she would have built.

3. Ajax Search Pro

Website search is an important feature to have to ensure good user experience for visitors. You can use Ajax Search pro to add live search capabilities to your interface. The product will work seamlessly with al popular page building tools like Elementor and WP Bakery Page Builder. It comes with a mind-boggling range of more than 400 customization options. The search feature is responsive and will work on mobile devices. Visitors will be able to use the functionality in posts, pages, categories, custom taxonomy, and custom post types.

The WP Smush can improve WordPress website’s UX and UI by optimizing all images of your interface. This 5-star rated product removes all unwanted elements from a picture to compress it without reducing its quality. You can use the tool to enable lazy loading on your website so that an image is rendered only when visitors reach the specified area. This will help in uploading images without bloating your interface. This will keep the loading time of your website within optimal limits and ensure that people can access it quickly.

Physical businesses or entities like real estate agencies need to display location information on their websites. They also need to provide directions to their visitors so that they can reach a location easily. MapSVG is a plugin that will allow you to create a vector map from an SVG file. You can add filters as well as the search functionality to your map. The product comes with more than 100 pre-loaded maps. Users can transform their Google Maps by applying styling options from SnazzyMaps. They can also use in-built drawing tools to add clickable locations to a PNG or JPEG image file.

Buttons are an important UI element that has a significant impact on a website’s usability. Buttons X is a tool that will enable you to build all kinds of tabs. It comes with over 50 hover effects and more than 30 reveal animations. The product has a feature for cloning your creations so that you can use a design multiple times. The plugin supports all popular page builders and popup, lightbox, and form plugins. You can also generate buttons for online stores built with plugins like Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce.

7. Apex Notification Bar

Website notifications can help you in boosting the engagement of your audience. The Apex Notification Bar is a responsive tool that will enable you to create engaging notification bars. There are 15 pre-built templates that you can use to quickly create your bar. Users can create bars in one, two, and three columns. They can also integrate their custom logo into the design or include a static text content or URL.


Interfaces with a perfectly balanced user interface will provide a satisfying experience to their visitors. The plugins discussed in this post will help website owners in enhancing the user experience of their interfaces. They must hire a WordPress developer who understands the importance of combining helpful features with easy functionality. This will help them in creating a powerful and user-friendly website.


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