A Guide to Android Parental Monitoring App to Keep Kids Safe

A Guide to Android Parental Monitoring App to Keep Kids Safe

Parents throughout the world are using android spy apps to control their kids. Digital parenting has become a need of the hour. Without digital parenting, no kids can be controlled effectively. This is a serious issue for a growing number of parents as teens and kids have become phone addicts. They spend a large chunk of their time on phones, internet, and social media.

Why Parents Should Use a Parental Monitoring App?

The use of internet and social has become common among kids and teens. Children have smartphones and they have a huge amount of time on the internet. They waste their time, pay less attention to the studies, spend more time on social and dating sites and get severe effects. Social media leads to mental health issues and depression.

A recent report by The Economist says that social media makes teens less happy. They highlighted the risks in the form of cyberbullying, mental health issues, stress and depression. Before that, another study linked depression in girls with social media use. The experts believe parents need to control these things and it can only be done with the use of teen monitoring apps.

The dangers of social media are serious and should not be ignored. Parents have the most important responsibility to deal with the children, ensure the safe use of the phones and internet, monitor social media use and employ parental control apps to track the kids. If parents can’t keep better control over their kids, they will become criminals. When such kids grow older, they start using drugs and become killers too.

The Best Parental Control App for Parents

The issues are serious. Parents should not be negligent to anything because it is about the future of their kids and children. Using parental control software is pretty easy. But you should first get the best app or software. For this, we did some research, tested a number of spy apps and found that BlurSPY is the best option for all parents.

BlurSPY is a perfect parental control app when it comes to keeping eyes on the kids and protecting them from online and offline dangers. The app offers a number of features that all parents need to make parenting simple and easy for them. The features are amazing and they work flawlessly. We will talk about the features in the next section.

What Features Parents Need?

Now the question is what features parents need to track their kids, keep eyes on their activities and monitor the teens for their safety and protection. Below are some features that are must-have for all the parents in order to keep their kids safe. BlurSPY offers all the features.

Location Tracker

This is the most important feature parents should have. With this feature, parents can spy on the kids, monitor their locations and check which places they have been visiting. Parents can track the live locations of their children without them knowing. The app also keeps a record of all weekly locations.

Social Media Monitor

The other important feature is to monitor social media use. As teens and kids have phones and access to the internet, they spend a lot of time on social sites and dating apps. For parents, it is important to track the social media use and see what their kids are doing there.

Internet History Tracker

In order to perfect your parental control, you should also monitor the internet and phone history of your kids. With BlurSPY, all parents can view and check the internet history. Your teens may be accessing adult content websites so you should block such websites with Phone spy app.

Sexting Monitor

Sexting is common among the kids and teens these days. Social media and dating sites are blamed for this harmful thing. So for parents, it becomes necessary to find out if their kids are doing sexting. This feature of BlurSPY app allows parents to see and check the text messages of the kids.


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