Does Adult Circumcision Affect Sensitivity

Does Adult Circumcision Affect Sensitivity

Circumcision in men remains a controversial topic. Several opponents argue that the foreskin of the penis, or the flap covering the head of the penis (upon removal during the procedure), has nerves rich in-touch. People argue that circumcision has an effect on the sexual sensitivity of the penis, which impairs the satisfaction and impairs sexual function. However, proponents pledge that adult circumcision has no effect on sexual pleasure and function, does not compromise on these factors, only offering substantial medical benefits.

Just recently, researchers in top universities, like in Australia, as well as the University of Washington reviewed studies, indicating that circumcision has sexual impacts. They also agreed that circumcision has no effect on penile sensitivity, and it does not impair the sexual satisfaction or function in men. However, other studies indicate that circumcision has few real benefits, as such keeping this topic an endless debate.

Snipping Off the Delicate Skin

At the time of birth, nearly half of all male babies go through circumcision, whether for cosmetic or cultural reasons. This eventually leads to major concerns regarding the long-term side effects, as well as an effect on the sensation of the penis. As mentioned above, the skin covering the glans or the foreskin on the head of the penis is full of sensitive nerve endings, which diminish when surgeons remove the sheath of skin surgically. Constant exposure of the glans and maintaining of the sensitivity and natural moisture in this delicate skin area always requires consistent care. To minimize the negative effects of the procedure, it is best to treat the shaft and the head with penis-specific minerals and vitamins.

The Effects on Sensitivity

The removal of the foreskin to some extent has an effect on the sensation of the penis. Since the highly sensitive skin has constant exposure without natural protection, the penis loses its moisture, and the skin could become dry and have a shriveled or wrinkled appearance. Furthermore, the skin would become subject to constant friction from the fabric, and environmental contaminants. All these contribute to the outer skin layers to thicken, and become less receptive to stimulation, and could lead to a loss in penis sensation.

The men considering circumcision, whether for cosmetic, health reasons, personal preference or even for hygiene reasons should first consult a good men’s health specialist, or a Circumcision Center expert to inquire about the possible health side effects, since these could contribute to long-term issues and affect sexual health.

Tips to Prevent Loss of Sensitivity

Preventing loss of sensation is possible with proper care, and helps to keep away any side effects related to the procedure. By incorporating some tips and suggestions, to some degree, circumcised men are able to restore their penis sensitivity, making intimate times enjoyable, more pleasurable and keeping the penis healthy and smooth.

You should wear loose-fitting underwear, and wear clothing made only from natural fabrics that should not chafe, bind or lead to excessive perspiration. Only use natural cleansers when you bathe to avoid the laundry detergents and soaps containing chemicals to cause irritation and cause drying. You should treat the penis daily with hygienic formulas, which should promote nerve health and healthy skin. Be sure to include a good quality natural skin moisturizer (one that contains shea butter, ideal for all skin types).

To promote healthy skin penis and nerve function, men should treat their penis with special nutrients to support erogenous tissue health. Use combined health formulas, (some health professionals recommend using Man 1 Man Oil) which contain rich vitamins like A, B5, C, D, and E along with natural antioxidants and moisturizers. All of these help to restore the sensation of the penis and prevent the chances of loss of sensation. They protect the penis skin against irritation, environmental damage, and infection that affects the health of the penis.

Are There Other Health Benefits?

For decades now, circumcision remains a common procedure in the United States. For baby boys, it was a standard procedure, regardless of their religious or cultural background. Doctors always support the surgery, and they agree that circumcision has some health benefits. According to the World Health Organization, about 75% of men in the United States opt for the adult circumcision surgery.

Doctors believe that circumcision in men cuts down the risks of STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections), as well as Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), and if men ignore treatment, it could lead to kidney infections. Circumcision in men also prevents penile cancer, phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, and balanoposthitis. These conditions lead to pain in the foreskin, where the foreskin becomes too hard to pull back. Sometimes it causes infections of the glans.

In addition, circumcision helps to promote better hygiene. If you are considering this surgery, just ensure that you consult the right health experts who would guide you about the pros and cons, or any possible side effects.


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