Features of Commercial Refrigerator

Features of Commercial Refrigerator

Most of the reputed companies offer higher cost models as well but their lower cost models are equally good. Since these are very established and old companies their service centers are spread all over the country and their parts are easily available. Commercial refrigerators are limited in models, but offers durability like some of the best single door refrigerators in India.

The technicians are used to working on the models of these companies. Another advantage of these companies is that they are highly energy efficient. This is a great quality, especially in these days of economic downturn. Another advantage of buying from renowned companies is that their models are highly environment friendly. They do not emit dangerous gases and thus are safe to be used in all kinds of surroundings. In fact, these companies are hospital safe.


Everything comes at a price and you might be compromising on something since you are paying less. First of all, the models which are low priced are small in size as compared to their other counterparts. Secondly, one will have to compromise the cooling performance for energy efficiency. The models which give a state of the art cooling performance are not energy efficient at all and energy efficient models do not provide excellent cooling.


The low priced models do not have longer warranty periods and service plans. Usually the warranty period is only about one year. The service plan can be bought from the same company usually by paying a little extra. Otherwise the buyer will have to take care of the repair and the service by him/her self right from the beginning.

So basically you lose some but you do not lose much if you buy a low priced model from a reputable and recognized company. So if you like a specific low priced model from these companies, go for it.

Maintenance Costs

The other things that can really make a refrigerator perfect for your business are its maintenance costs and some machinery parts. If you have a limited knowledge about the parts and maintenance of a refrigerator then it is a good idea to take a certified technician along with you. You can hire a technician for that purpose.

His job will be to inspect the compressor, evaporator and condenser of the refrigerator and to tell you about the maintenance costs. The electricity bills and the monthly maintenance costs can be a deciding factor in favor of or against a refrigerator.

So actually the perfect commercial refrigerator is the one that strikes the right balance between your requirements and the resources you have to invest in the unit.


Buying a walk in cooler is a huge investment. That is why people are often left confused when they have to decide if they should or should not buy a top of the line model. To save money many people prefer buying used models but then if the used models do not last long they end up losing money.


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