Gadgets To Make Your Garden Cool This Summer

Gadgets To Make Your Garden Cool This Summer

There are still a good couple of months remaining of summer and the question is; have you got the most out of your garden? For many of us, the answer is No. Apart from mowing the lawn or the occasional BBQ, we have not used them to the full extent that we possibly could, well here are a few ideas to get you back interested in the garden with some cool gadgets to get you motivated again.


You can get quite creative when it comes to outdoor lighting. Get the basics right with some low cost solar powered garden path lights easily bought from your local garden store, then try something more exotic, has Sun Jar’s which are basically a colored LED (Yellow or Pink) inside a typical Jam Jar, the effect looks like you have trapped a small part of sunlight in the jar to glow throughout the night.

If you want to add a special lighting touch to the end of a night then buy a number of Chinese Flying Lanterns, be careful who uses them (Not children) and they shouldn’t be used in windy conditions but they can give a great focal point to any party if you light five or ten together.

Commence the Water Fights

If you have children then it’s always fun to purchase a few water pistols or water shooters. A simple game can be created by filling up two buckets and splitting kids (and Adults) into teams at each end of the garden. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous and have children older than eight you can also purchase water balloon launchers (basically a slingshot), literally hours of fun.

Green Fingers

A great treat for younger children is learning to grow plants and flowers, this can be done as simply as buying a small grow kit 3ds emulator. You can try almost anything from growing festive sprouts over the winter to tea and coffee, our personal favorite being the Sunflower, measuring it each day is great for the children.


Not strictly gadgets but outdoor beanbags and hammocks are great fun; you can pick up a pocket hammock for around ten dollars which will give you some rest while the sun is out or simply keep the kids occupied for half an hour.

Get back to Nature

It’s a great idea to create a bird feeder, this could be something you make yourself with wood from the local hardware shop, or buy one, in terms of gadgets we found on Amazon a “Bungee bird feeder” which can be attached to a tree or anywhere that it can be hung, it gives the effect of a man hanging upside down in the bungee position a great way to encourage wildlife into your garden.

Insect Repellents

Of course, if you are going to spend time in the garden then you should be aware of insect bites, looking through eBay we found tennis racket electronic fly zappers, it’s an inventive way to get rid of the fly’s from around your food or even inside the house.

There are some great garden gadget ideas, enjoy the summer.


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