How Sundar Pichai Became CEO of Google

How Sundar Pichai Became CEO of Google

Today is youth day. Let me tell you a beautiful story on this occasion. This is the story of young Sundar sleeping on the floor who is on a hail today as the CEO of Google. Sundar’s success story is no less than a fairytale. Born in Chennai (then Madras) in 1972, Sundar’s father was an engineer in the British company GEC. His family lived in a house of two rooms. There was no separate room for Sundar’s studies.

So he slept with his younger brother on the drawing room floor. There was neither television nor car in the house. From this one can infer the economic status of his family, but the engineer father sowed the seeds of technology in his son’s mind as a child. Therefore, all the deprivation could not be a hindrance in the way of Sunder’s progress and at the age of 17, he passed the entrance exam of IIT and enrolled in Kharagpur.

Arsha reached to sleep on the floor

It is said that Poot’s feet are seen in the cradle. To illustrate this, Sundar was always the topper of his batch during his engineering studies (1989–93) from IIT Kharagpur.

Professor Sanat Kumar Rai, who taught Sundar at IIT, says, “Even while studying metallurgical and material science, Sundar was working on various subjects in the field of electronics. That too at a time when there was no electronics in the IIT syllabus. Even then Sundar’s first love was electronics.

Recalling Sundar living in the Nehru Hall hostel of IIT, Professor Rai says that Sundar is very gentle, polite and soft-spoken.

He also won a silver medal in the final examination in the year 1993, topping his batch. He then went to Stanford University for further studies after obtaining a scholarship.

After leaving IIT, he never looked back. He started a job at Google some 11 years ago while working in various companies.

“It is difficult to find a single person in Google who does not like Sundar or be influenced by him,” says Sejar Sengupta, Pichai’s classmate and later worked with him for eight years at Google.

Another of his classmates, P. Subramaniam, says, “Sundar always had a smile on his face and we used to jokingly call him a bookworm.”

Gave this gift to parents

After being elected as the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai’s name is on the tongue of the people, but it is known to very few people that while studying in IIT, they all knew him by the name of P. Sundararajan.

Sunder’s journey from a two-room house to the CEO of the world’s foremost tech company is no less attractive than a fairytale. Now recently he has bought a house in Chennai costing crores for his parents.

Celebrities from

IIT Kharagpur include Praveen Chaudhary, who was the head of IBM’s research division for a long time before Sunder’s success from the department of metallurgy at IIT Kharagpur and Vodafone CIO Arun Sarin.

Pichai’s name was also included in the race to become CIO of Microsoft before becoming CEO of Google, but Satya Nadella was chosen in his place later.

In the meantime, Twitter also tried to put them in its court, but according to experts, Google agreed to stay in the company by giving them a bonus of 10 to 5 million million dollars.

These special things about Pichai

Are known to

Have good players: High School captains in cricket, Tamil Nadu won the regional tournament of State

Awards: Pichai has been awarded Saibl Scholar and a Palmer Scholar titles worked many years in strong professional: consultant company McKinsey, 2004 in joining Google search are considered

Fast memory : close people ask Forgotten telephone number 1984 beautiful still by Currently receive the soft-spoken in American media described him as the right hand soft-spoken, low points and Larry Page.

Team dedication: Marisa shown dedication while working with the Mayor’s team and have proven themselves

Tremendous talent: the famous American company Rba Inc. is recognized as a member of the Advisory Board

Chrome Launched: Launched Chrome Web Browser and Web Based Chrome OS also Launched for Netbooks in a Year

Google Apps & Android Handled: Handled Google Apps in 2012 and also took over Android throughout the year

Memorable Functions: Gmail, Build Google map apps, also create Android apps for all Google products


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