How the Golden Triangle India Tour Is Defined?

How the Golden Triangle India Tour Is Defined?

Golden triangle is one of the busiest lanes in India and popular among travelers throughout the world. It includes three destinations Delhi Agra and Jaipur which are located at a distance of maximum 250 km from each other. These places seem like connected through a triangular route and shows the golden beauty in the form of Forts, monuments, and palaces. This is the reason that this circuit achieved the title as Golden triangle India. Most probably the journey commences from the capital city of India named as Delhi where beautiful Mughal structures allure the traveler’s mind.

The structures in Golden Triangle India Tour package includes Jama MasjidRed FortHumayun TombTaj MahalAgra Fort, City Palace and many more. The captivating fineness of Red sandstone from which these structures are carved out spread the reddish hue in the environment.

Along with these victory revealing forts and monuments, Jaipur city which is a part of this tour displays the royal life of legendary kings. To make this tour more interesting travelers mostly add additional destinations to their travel plan. This element further draws the attention of more and more visitors towards it. One of the examples of such addition is Golden triangle India tour with Wildlife. The factor which makes this kind of addition more convenient is Jaipur airport which has a good connectivity with other places located in India.

What Is Best To Explore In India Golden Triangle?

The entire tour is all about three destinations Delhi, Agra and Jaipur which are strong enough to display the travelers a complete picture of the Indian nation. Every destination offers a glimpse of a strong part of India. Now the question arises what are the things which make the journey more awesome. Of course, experiences are a major part of every tour. So here are some of the best experiences to have through the Golden Triangle India Tour.

Delhi, A Blend Of Mughal Era And Modernity

To take a flashback of Mughal period no one can beat Old Delhi. Narrow lanes, rush in markets, residential houses built in consideration with Mughal art, and authentic cuisines will take you to ancient Delhi. Even a visit to Delhi offers you a glimpse of every state in India as this is the capital of India. This is one of the best destinations in Golden triangle India tour package which acquaints traveler with gems of the nation. No matter whether it is dance forms, historical monuments such as Red Fort, Qutub Minar Humayun Tomb, and never-ending food options, everything is part of Delhi. To experience peace Lotus Temple and Akshardham temple are the two renowned structures as the remaining part is filled with hustle-bustle. Once all the attractions are covered in Delhi the journey further extend to Agra.

Agra, The Symbol Of Love

Agra, one of the names in wonders is based over 200 km from Delhi. Road connectivity is well versed between two cities as you can travel in just 4 to 5 hours from Delhi to Agra. on the other hand, traveling through train make you reach in maximum 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Once you enter the land of Agra which is the one where the experience begins. The charm of Tajmahal, Agra fort, Museums filled with antiquated relics and other monuments never miss the attention of visitors. Mostly people used to visit Agra to take a glimpse of the monument depicting pure love which is named as Taj Mahal. The entire structure is made up of white marble and it was constructed in the memory of Mumtaaz mahal beloved wife of Shah Jahan. One can feel the love of Shahjahan and Mumtaaz Mahal after visiting here.

Additionally, an excursion to Agra Fort, buying hand made paintings, Carpets, Art using marble, and much more are the specialties of Agra. The Agra journey is considered as incomplete without paying a visit to Fatehpur Sikri which is the ancient capital city of the Mughal period. It is a peaceful town based near Agra and one of the best destinations for travelers seeking peace and history together. The city shows its story of destruction through its remained Mosque, forts and museums.

Jaipur, A land Of Legends

Succeeding to Agra the journey takes you to the legendary land of Jaipur which is based in Rajasthan. The world-renowned Thar desert is based in this city only. Exploring deserted reason offer you the experience of how resident has maintained their vibrant culture even in harsh living conditions.

Passing through the deserted space offer you wild berries and a bunch of astonishing meals for the food lover. The authentic culture of Jaipur and display of art and craft in materials make Jaipur a destination for the best buying experience. The entire city rhyme with the collection of beautiful travel attractions such as City Palace, Hawa Mahal, and other forts. Walking tour to such appealing sites, enclosing of Aravali hills and beautifully maintained desert are adding magnificence in this destination.

The list of experiences in Jaipur does not end here. Amber fort, Jantar Mantar observatory, Shri Jagatshiromani are other storytellers of Jaipur history.


The Golden triangle tour is an amazing journey in itself but making it perfect is what delivers the right experience. Right from Delhi and moving on to Agra and Jaipur every destination is a hub of wonder for travelers.


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