How to Choose the Best Gym CRM Software

How to Choose the Best Gym CRM Software

To be able to choose the best management software for gyms you must first know what it is and make a comparison between the available softwares so that you can make the decision that suits your needs.

Gym CRM Software help users have greater control over customers, schedule, receive payments and perform administrative management activities that are often tedious.

In this article we will explain the concept of gym management software , the main objective that this program must meet, 5 criteria to choose the best gym management software and a comparative management software for fitness centers.

Management software concept for gyms

A gym management software is one that is designed to facilitate the administration of your training center. That is, you can monitor the performance of your customers, monitor them remotely or through an app, assign memberships, apply a sales analysis, keep your agenda, share routines and show customers the news of your services.

Management software concept for gyms

It is an advantage that this type of technology gives you. More and more people are using apps in the world. According to Social Cubix application development company  at the end of 2017, 4400 million people used apps. The physical training business does not escape this reality, so you must incorporate and choose the right software for you.

Main objective of your gym management software

A gym management software must fulfill one objective: run your gym in a virtual way , which is achieved through good management and administration of your gym with the updated software tools. You should look for one that suits your needs and represents an investment that improves the performance of your income. 

5 criteria to choose the best gym management software

Before choosing the gym management software we will show you 7 criteria that you should consider and that should not be missing in your center. On our site you will see that the FITCO software meets all these criteria. But we invite you to review the details of optimal software and appreciate the value it brings to the performance and control of your gym. We understand that making an investment of this type, goes through checking all its virtues. Without further ado, we show you the 5  criteria to choose the best gym management software .

1. Allow member management

Customers will grow day after day, and you won’t have the time to fill out forms, make tedious administrative procedures or complete payment methods. For this you need software that allows the management of new and old members. That you assign your classes and are scheduled through the platform, what days you will attend, that have the possibility of making a complete management available at all times.

5 criteria to choose the best gym management software

A gym management software should allow you to have control of your customers, to carry a monitoring board, to see what schedules you have for the capacity of the place and avoid inconveniences, even managing the routines, eliminating waiting lines in the exercise machines and making customer service more personalized and direct.

2. Self-service

The self is the best that can exist in online software really all want to avoid middlemen. ¿ How to choose the best management software for gyms? Selecting the one that manages to bring a self-managed clientele. That they feel they own their training and that you only run your business and intervene only in the organization of classes and live monitoring, avoiding administrative procedures as much as possible. At the end of the day, you will receive a report created by your assistant software. 

When comparing gym management software, it is important to choose an option that provides all the self-service tools. There are people who like to save time to the fullest. In these cases, self-management is the best, since having previously canceled the class, as well as organizing your schedule, and monitoring your progress from a user module.

3. Reports

It is very important to have the measurement of results and analysis of them, so it is important that you know that having a system that shows you different boards with graphs gives you the opportunity to make the best decisions to take risks and generate growth. 

4. Automated Marketing

An additional element is that customers can share their experiences and scores of your service on the networks, be part of marketing, launch messages and notifications for potential customers, and for current customers, notifications of new products, classes, schedules, and share other contents in physical health and body training.

5. Billing

When choosing the best management software for gyms, you consider that you should introduce payment technology through electronic wallets, invoice generation , and tracking the income you get after billing. Managing resources and being able to keep an accounting and administrative control is something you should consider when comparing management software for gyms.

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Instead of paying someone to manage collections, this software would include a billing module that makes the use of digital platforms for gyms more friendly. Be able to invoice, apply discounts and membership fees and give alerts, eliminating the problems caused by the use of an invoice book. 

Comparison of gym management software

We will show you four of the management software for gyms and their particular characteristics that can be adapted according to your needs. You must remember that it is an investment and that the use of intelligent of this type of technologies is a way to be at the forefront in the management of your business and at the same time save time and money. FITCO is one of the options to choose, which you must value yourself. 

To see all the comparative details please click on the one that interests you:


This gym crm software has a point of sale through the technology of fingerprint and QR, a business board for you to monitor and see the graphs, statistics and the trend, that way it will be easier to apply strategies according to the behavior of your clientele, manage new customers, implement access control to register assistance, through apps, among the most prominent functions.

FITCO has many ideal functions for your gym or fitness center, such as cash control, which records all your income, automatic messages and alarms according to the members’ schedules, as well as different types of notifications, instant administrative reports and a Marketing approach to grow your business. Now that you have the comparative management software for gyms you can make the smartest decision.


Choosing a gym management software is a process that should be done with caution, you should think about obtaining the greatest advantages and understand what the functions are, verify if it covers your particular needs. Never forget that this is an important investment.

FITCO is a software that covers many of the deficiencies that gyms have that used to be managed manually or traditionally.

Managing and managing your gym is the goal of gym crm software. Review the 5 criteria to choose the best management software for gyms and the comparison of management software for fitness centers with some of the most used existing software.

Manage your physical health and conditioning center in the appropriate way. You no longer have to spend hours trying to decipher administrative tables or looking for a payment receipt that you could have digitized thanks to the benefits of technology. 

We leave this article as a guide and invite you to review our website, where you will be convinced that we are the best option in gym management software.

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