How to Start Online Clothing Business from Home in Ireland

How to Start Online Clothing Business from Home in Ireland

Starting an online clothing business from home in Ireland heat of financial crunch and to manage the increasing funds requirements to maintain quality life standards. The consequences of increasing price index of commodities, lowering income, staggering business income, uncertainty in job etc make it must to have an alternative income source. When the options for alternative income source are explored, home based online business ranks at top in priorities because home based online businesses need little investment. Now, the next step comes to choose the type of business. There is a long list of options but clothing business emerges as the most promising business option in Ireland because of continuous demand and ever changing fashion styles.

An overview of Irish Clothing Ecommerce Industry

Online sales is registering very encouraging growth rate. In 2018, the online sales in Ireland and the UK accounted for 17.4% of total retail sales; while, it was just the 15.9% in 2017. Clothing and textile stores have seen the greatest increase in online sales @ 16.5%. The Irish apparel market is growing steadily. Simone Rocha, J.W. Anderson, Paul Costelloe, Richard Malone, Sharon Wauchob like Irish brands have become world famous fashion clothing brands. Following interesting facts will make you more confident for investing in online home based clothing business in Ireland:

  • The consumers’ buying behavior for clothing is changing
  • There appears buy-now and wear-now tendency
  • Consumer wants to buy the fashionable clothing and accessories whenever he wants
  • Consumers prefer convenient shopping
  • Trust in online clothing retailers is growing
  • Almost 81% millennial buy clothing online
  • Almost 45% residents over 45 years age buy clothing online
  • WearingIrish’ , a popular social media campaign advocating for buying Irish design
  • The Ireland and UK clothing market in combined is forecasted to grow @ 10.4% between 2018 and 2023; and, online business has no geographical boundaries.
  • ‘CREATE’ program invites new Irish clothing entrepreneurs to showcase their products

Eleven steps to Formulate Approach for Online Clothing Business:

  • Define the clothing brands, niche, ideas, and USP
  • Develop buyers connecting branding strategy; branding should be memorable
  • Development your own unique clothing line name; it supports for B2B sales
  • Put together all the business plans for review
  • Understand the local business regulations and your eligibility
  • Explore clothing suppliers to set a deal
  • Find a dependable manufacturer the produce the ordered clothes on time
  • Develop flexible but sustainable marketing strategy
  • Develop a sales process encompassing the concerns for return, warranty dispatch, stock etc
  • Explore the market to find out the space and try to establish yourself there
  • Budget for the business launch and arrange the required funds

How to Promote Your Clothing Business in Low Budget:

Establishing an online business is matters a few days hard strategic work because of presence of numbers of ecommerce website development software. Many of these are open source platforms which can be used free of cost. However, beating your trumpet on the buyers’ friendly tunes is as much essential and important as is drawing a business strategy. Unless your clothing e-store doesn’t appear in mobile searches at prominent slot, even the best designed ecommerce store wouldn’t perform to deliver profits. Here are six steps to promote your home based online clothing business:

  • Create noticeable and impressive social media presence – Social media is instrumental to your long-term success
  • Involve fashion bloggers to convey your brand message influentially – Bloggers and social media influencers may turn the buying decisions in your favor
  • Participate in local community fairs and trade shows and – It helps to showcase your products and let the potential buyers feel the quality in person
  • Set up multiple merchant accounts – Different buyers prefer to pay through different payment gateways; so, set multiple payment processes which are 100% secured
  • Promote your business website – Whether it is a small clothing ecommerce store or huge size clothing website having multiple top brands, it needs professional online promotion
  • Refresh the web content regularly – The fashion oriented buyers want to buy the latest and unique at very first; therefore, it is must to update the images, videos and products on regular basis

Management of Cash Flow – The Greatest Challenge:

Whatsoever business size you decide to initiate, it needs funds for different activities like web development, sourcing of products, graphics creation, hiring marketing professionals, hiring delivery agency, follow ups, setting up bank accounts etc. You also need adequate funds to manage the expenses during down period as well as to grab the high discount offers. Some emergency expenses also make the reserve funds must to have. You can use your savings but using all the saved funds is not a right approach.

Numbers of financial institutions, banks and direct lenders provides financial assistance to start up businesses; however, getting the required funds for home based online clothing business from the online direct lenders is an easiest approach. Direct lenders in Ireland allow you to borrow and return as little or as high according to your convenience besides promising to pay instantly with least formalities like in case of text payday loans, which are made available almost instantly just on the basis of text message from mobile.     

So, be determined, plan well, review again, arrange adequate funds and execute your plan to taste the much awaited financial success through home based online clothing business.


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