Importance of Conversion Rate Optimization for Business Website

Importance of Conversion Rate Optimization for Business Website

Business Website will have a goal to make conversion by selling their products or services over the web. Most of the well branded companies don’t even have a website few years back. But today, if a company doesn’t have a website, it means they losing their 50% of their sales.

Optimization – Effective usage of resources in a perfect way. The word describes more than anything. Optimizing the conversion rate will help you to increase the sales to achieve great heights. Technology and usage of things were changing day by day and we should target the place where the customers (or) potential audience get converted.

Factors Affects Conversion in a Business Website

When a user or a potential customer visits your website, most probably you should convince him with your website contents. If a visitor landing on your website doesn’t get converted then they should not be the potential customer or your website doesn’t have enough information to convince the visitor. Below are the key factors you should focus on,

1. Trust

Most Important factor to make a conversion is Trust. Your website should have a brand name or brand value to allow users to believe that you are a trusted seller or provider. There are millions of websites over the web. We could see there are so many fake websites over the web which makes the user to check twice or thrice before making the purchase.

Online purchase doesn’t know about the seller and buyer information. So in this case trust is lot more important to make the conversion. Even if someone is providing best than your service and if the person doesn’t have trust over them then the conversion will happen on your business. Trust means a lot for the online business.

2. Enough Information

A webpage in a website (or) a landing page must have enough information about the product/service which is targeted to sell through that page. So it is more important to provide most of the information about the product or services to fulfill the customer’s questions and confusion on the mind.

Enough information is nothing but providing the solution for various question like, why you are the best in the market and why a person should purchase from you. Also you should have mentioned the detailed information about the product features and its specialty for better understanding.

3. Users Feedback

Place the customer’s feedback section in the landing page which gives idea for the buyer/customer. If you have a Customer Video review section then it will be more likely to get converted and convinced. Mention the details in a proper way & highlight the positive section of your product in the review section of your content.

4. Website Structure

Website structure is more important to convey all the above information. If you are just filling a webpage will all the information, no one will sit and read in this super-fast world. You should have a proper structure and image representation for better results.

Mention the features in an image format or a video format to understand it better in a short period of time. Most of the people don’t like to read a huge content.

For example: 90% of the people don’t know the information and rules mentioned in the terms & conditions section of each website. Also to stop the users from reading it well, the content size will be small & it will be formed with large sentence.  We will just scroll it and will continue the process in a hurry.

If you are preparing a webpage for your potential audience, then you should satisfy all the above factors that affects conversion in a business website. Also, you should know the benefits of conversion rate optimization so that you can implement it effectively for better results.

If you don’t have any conversion (or) your conversion rate is very less than what it is capable of, then work on the conversion rate optimization for your website. It will increase the conversion for sure. Use trial and error method with various combinations for better results.


Arun Kumar, the founder of The Digital Cyborg, an online platform which offers digital marketing facilities for brand building. He has extensive experience of three years in digital marketing. He is all set to make noises in the market with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the internet marketing world.

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