Internet of Things: Five Trends to Follow in 2019

Internet of Things: Five Trends to Follow in 2019

The debate over the Internet of things seems to have lost some force in recent times. Perhaps the expectations that had come to generate have not been sufficiently satisfied. Or maybe it is proving to be slower than expected, the descent of the possible (which is almost everything) to what is really implanted in our homes and offices (which is considerably less). However, reality is ahead of the public debate, and the Internet of things continues to progress unstoppably . These are five major trends that could shape its development in 2019.

1. From home to business

Although the most striking at the popular level is the connection of our dishwasher with the supplier of detergent tablets, the experts point to a much faster advance of the Internet of Things in the professional world than in personal or family consumption. That is why the focus is changing. If there was a lot of talk before about how many new devices were going to be connected, now the center of debate is the development of adequate software to handle this revolution and really put it at the service of companies, especially at the B2B level. In particular, the development of apps to monitor from mobile devices the processes and interactions of connected devices and machinery is experiencing an important boom .

2. Convergence with blockchain

It is expected that the cryptographic algorithms based on blockchain will continue the process of convergence with the logic of the connection between machines , a trend that began a couple of years ago and continues to develop. Scalability, the maintenance of confidentiality and the robustness of the processes are the three main concerns that are leading many of the drivers of the Internet of things to opt for blockchain developments. IBM is one of the companies that are leading this convergence through interfaces that allow the verification of transactions without centralizing control or management .

3. Prioritization of security

The proliferation of denial of service attacks and other forms of digital sabotage is one of the most worrisome factors when implementing the telematic connection between machines. The processes may be interrupted or, worse, deliberately distorted to cause harm or even for the purpose of illicit profit. It is foreseeable that the development of the Internet of things will increasingly incorporate the safety factor among the most important elements of decision making. In particular, the authentication of connected devices and the initiation of connections by them become relevant.

4. Advance of “machine learning”

The increasing capacity of the machines to learn from the flow of managed data and managed processes is going to be another of the major trends of next year. That is, we will see the increasingly advanced application of cognitive computing and artificial intelligence to the processes and behaviors of the Internet of things. This will help the rationality and the security of the processes, but it will also increase exponentially its complexity and the risks that this entails, and that should be correctly managed.

5. Generalization in the medical sector

Everything seems to indicate that the health sector will continue to lead the developments aimed at the online connection between devices, data centers and decision makers. In this field, the advance of the Internet of Things runs parallel to that of big data: donating your information can help as much as donating an organ. We will see a boom in automated data extraction and its global instantaneous processing, which will help, for example, epidemiological control, along with the advancement of control and interaction systems between sophisticated medical devices , as well as the proliferation of small individual diagnostic devices and treatment that will increasingly be connected, and whose security is obviously crucial.


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