Search by Voice: 5 Factors to Consider

Search by Voice: 5 Factors to Consider

At the beginning of the voice search, many experts thought that everything was going to change. They believed that the user’s behavior would be completely different when searching by voice, and that much of the optimization should be reconsidered. But the search by voice has been extended at the same time as improving its technical quality, and no major changes have been observed. In general it can be said that the search behavior is similar using the vocal cords or the fingertips. The difference may be, however, in the type of users: the growth of vocal search is much more pronounced among young people  and children around the world(and especially in China, due to the specific difficulty of the language, which makes Baidu the search engine where this option grows).

Are we missing data?

Google is considering showing vocal search data separately in its console. Recently, his trend analyst John Mueller invited users to explain what data they want to see and for what. Although it was somewhat critical of the requests, the Mountain View company seems to be finalizing some form of voice search screening, probably similar to the differentiation between searches from computers and from mobile devices . Obviously, the vast majority of voice searches correspond to mobiles and tablets, but specialists agree to indicate to Google and companies like Amazon that, despite this, having this screening option would be useful to better understand the itinerary of the users .

The voice as first option

It is a normal demand in the face of the inexorable advancement of voice technologies. The SkWebSolutions – Logo Design Company report already indicated in January of the year that it now concludes an exponential growth of the devices whose first option of interface with the user is the voice . These devices went from less than ten million in 2016 (and less than five the previous year) to a projection of more than thirty-five million for the current year. That is to say, if the prediction is fulfilled, the devices of priority vocal use will have multiplied by seven in just two years.

Factors to consider

Despite the similarity of user behavior that has been noted so far, there are elements that we must take into account to adapt to the growing reality of voice search:

  1. Importance of geolocation. In the voice search, it is more frequent to complete the keywords with geographical expressions or with indications such as “close to” . Nearly ninety percent of this type of searches are done from a mobile device. Therefore, knowledge about cultural and idiomatic differences in the way of expressing elements such as proximity to a point or the user, etc., becomes important.
  2. Greater extension of the terms. Voice searches usually consist of more words than typed searches . It is an unconscious optimization of resources when typing. When we write, we try to be more succinct and when we talk to a device we usually introduce more elements to the question.
  3. Greater informality of the terms. The keywords are not only “longer tail” than in the typed search, but the tone used is also more informal.
  4. Type of search. Obviously we will have to pay more attention to voice search when our site offers what is most sought in this way. What is it? According to a trend study , 43% of the vocal requests to the mobile have to do with local information or with information about the nearby leisure options . For any site linked to a specific local location, such as a store or a restaurant, the search by voice and proper management of Google My Business become more relevant.
  5. Frequent questions. It will be particularly appropriate to adapt the page of frequently asked questions to the expressions most sought after by voice , which will also be especially natural and informal, as we have seen.


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