Terms & Condition

For all the talent that is hidden among you all, our team has designed a complete platform, ‘The Digital Cyborg’. This is an online platform that welcomes exciting and keen readers to come up and write the content showcasing their writing skills and knowledge.

Each one of you, who wishes to gain and boost their profile must consider Thedigitalcyborg.com as a reliable destination. We welcome guest articles from almost all the different niches. This means that your content may be based on the topic of any category; how-to, health, marketing, business, technology, lifestyle, relationships and any other category you consider worthy and of high interest.

So, be the first one to share your knowledge with others by writing exclusive content.

Here are some of the criteria that writers must keep in mind:

  1. Every guest article must be written from scratch. None of the content should be copied or reused.
  2. The content must be updated and the latest one. Kindly, don’t prepare content on the topics which have outdated in recent years.
  3. Don’t forget the striking title that you must create to develop curiosity among the readers, followed by the relevant content.

So, don’t think much, and begin to write well-researched content.