Top 10 Gadgets For Cars In 2020 That Would Make Travel Smooth

Top 10 Gadgets For Cars In 2020 That Would Make Travel Smooth


Technology has seen a drastic evolution for past few years and that the evolved technical ideologies have spread its wings across all the sectors. There exist lots of gadgets that make life so simple and easy to carry the day easily. These gadgets had not only made the life simpler, it has also taken people’s life to next level, where in they can even communicate with the gadgets to get the work done. All the time across, they stay as companion and more like friend to accompany during long journeys and travel. This article deals with ten gadgets for cars in 2020. Trotons Tech Magazine for Latest Gadgets News and Reviews Provide you the knowledge about the Latest Gadgets production and Reviews.

1. Warnings Galore

We have all the facilities to drive a car that even we can make the car drive itself by auto transmission mode to drive oneself safely. The warning galore that are installed in the car will make the car sense the vehicles that are travelling too close that might result in collision. This warning galore also helps to identify the lane departure warning system and blind spot warning that uses camera to determine whether the car is deviating from the lane.

2. Rear View Camera

Rear View camera would be the most essential equipment. These cameras that are fixed would have 180 degree view, where it will be able to sense the vehicles that are passing by. The identification of vehicles closer by would avoid the major accidents and damages to the car.

3. Pedestrian detection and night vision

Sometimes it becomes difficult to drive at night. Most of the times, it become tedious to see what lies across the road and we may even fumble upon huge rocks, animals or even have a chance to driver over anyone who is passing by. A pedestrian detection system would abruptly stop the car if it identifies pedestrians along the driver’s way. The night vision system emits the infrared rays, and makes the driver realize that someone passes by, who are away from the car’s headlight range. Both these are pricy options which comes around 900 dollars to 1200 dollars. But it’s worth to avoid any accidents or lose of lives.

4. Easy Cruising

Adaptive cruise controls are incorporated in order to keep the car at the safe distance from colliding with the other cars. Since people have to cruise in the highway speeds, there will be no need to hit on brakes every time to reset the cruise speed. The adaptive cruise control will definitely be a ubiquitous option in 2020 and would be the standard feature in all the top vehicles. It will likely be implemented to work on slow speeds to avoid collision and accidents

5. Vehicle to Vehicle communications

It would be great if the vehicles can communicate with each other to avoid huge accidents and lose of lives. Ford is trying to build such systems where the built in wifi of the car would communicate with the other vehicles by transmitting their location through gps system. This option would be available by end of this decade. This technology would warn the system of the cars about the other vehicle passing by, the vehicle that is going to overtake the current vehicle, the ones that have lost its control and those which is going to take a turn etc. This system is built across with the price of around 2800 dollars and will be completed with hundred percent success rates.

6. A better way to connect

The standard Bluetooth systems in the car would read the incoming messages, play the favorite music etc. once the mobile has been connected to the car’s system. This ways would be better changed and more standardized with voice technology where the mechanism would be less complicated. A voice prompt would be needed to make a call, send a message and understand the gps system. The built in navigation will allow the people to choose the destination and select the stops en route. People can also make the system understand what’s required. They can very well search for the restaurants, hospitals etc through voice command on the go.

7. App Central

With all the media forum has gone to the peak evolution, general motors’ has given an option of buying the network connection through wifi for few hundred dollars. This means that surfing the internet while driving would be pretty easy. Use the mobile while driving is against law, the general motors’ are planning to have a tie up with Facebook and twitter to handle them through voice recognition system. With this, people can drive safely also the journey becomes less tired and bored. This will be standardized and implemented in car’s infotainment section sooner.

8. Fuel Sipper Technology

The heart of the vehicle is its engine and the most of its energy comes in through the fuel we fill in the car. To make the environment more green and make the travel eco friendly all the car manufacturers are making high efforts to save fuel as much as possible. By such ways that the fuel sipper button would stop the car automatically, when the brakes are applied and during the signals and lights, the system turns off the engine and restarts it when the driver takes the foot off the brakes. This feature will be offered by ford to many of it’s vehicles by next year.

9. Dashboard cameras

The dash board cameras that are installed in the cars would be really helpful in capturing the faults and happenings when a collision or accident occurs. It is more like a black box in all the flights and helicopters that would record the events that happens from the moment the engine starts. This is been implemented by Ford and will be in market by end of this decade

10. Back seat organizer

To have a smooth and comfortable journey, organizer pouch on the front seats would be helpful o access them from the back seats. This would avoid messing up the whole car with the snacks that we eat and avoid food and water spilling on the floor of the car.


Hence these gadgets together make life simpler to sue the cars on road and have a comfortable journey. Gizmos Report is also a Best Gadgets and Mobiles Reviews Blog. Though the prices are little high, the gadgets are worth the buy to adapt oneself to safe travel across any part of the world. If these features are included by 2020, then it would attract more buyers. This will also increase the revenue for all the manufacturers.


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